PlayStation 5 Console Disk Varient

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Experience lightning fast loading with an ultra-high speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D Audio, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation® games.

PlayStation®5 accessories

Push the boundaries of play with the new generation of PlayStation® accessories.

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Stunning Games that you’ll want.

Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5™ features.*

Spider Man
Demons soul

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18 reviews for PlayStation 5 Console Disk Varient

  1. Stephen

    I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones 2 months ago, as I actually managed to pre-order a PS5. awesome console and quick delivery extremely satisfied

  2. Aryan 

    was skeptical about buying from here but came out to be amazing fast delivery customer care is fast i got it in 4 days and i bought in from Greece 

  3. Mr. B. J. Shaw

    Upon time of review this awesome better than ps4 10 times got it here in 499 lol people paying 1000s glad i found this deal just go for it

  4. MyKeyReviews

    just best

  5. Craig Laws

     The long wait for next gen is finally over. thanks cheapneeds for quick service

  6. Beansmeansbeans

    I’ll cut to the chase. This is without a doubt the best console Sony has produced. Not just because it’s the newest one but because it just runs so fast and smooth and quiet. Every problem I had with the PS4 Pro has been addressed. There is nothing to criticise in terms of hardware. The dualsense controller is nice to use and feel onsole with this and the timing of the price hike (covid) seems very cold and out of touch from reality. If Sony see sense and stop abusing their customers I’ll add another star to the score. They make a lot of monty from PS Plus and PS Now so their rational for the price hike is catastrophically flawed.

  7. Jo D

    Ordered one because that was all I needed and didn’t intend to sell it for double the price because I’m not a wrongen. Anyway nice sleek console

    • CN


  8. King-Ping

    This things a beast!Snappy load times,smooth gameplay and gorgeous graphics.Well done Sony 👍

  9. YAY

    Last Update: Timed Review start at bottom.So after many months of owning a PS5 I must say that it’s “good” when it works and of course we expect it to be good as it’s a product made by a reputable company just like other gadgets are. It has its flaws which for you and maybe in the future for me could prove to be costly but I would stvailable)The download rate of this is crazy fast. It downloaded the whole of Assassins Creed Valhalla in 20 minutes.Overall I would say if you managed to preorder one and it works, keep it. If you never then just think of us “lucky ones” as “testers” because there are bugs and lack of features such as not being able to expand the storage.

  10. David

    Ordered one because that was all I needed and didn’t intend to sell it for double the price because I’m not a wrongen. Anyway nice sleek console

  11. Telly

    ♦ Introduction ♦Sony have done a fantastic job with their new generation of console, the PlayStation 5.I won’t bore with the specifications, however one thing is for sure, this thing is a “beast”, especially when considering the price of a PC with equivalent specifications would cost so much more.It is important to note that there are two versions of the PS5; both have the exact same internal specifications including memory space (825GB SSD, with around 667GB of that being useable), so it’s down to your preference on how you buy games and whether you see any use in having a disc drive:• PS5 – Dig

  12. Phoebe J

    What must have been a huge logistical challenge has paid off, and the SONY PS5 has arrived on our shores in the second phase of a world-wide launch. Demand was as high as I expected, so I planned ahead as much as possible to pre-order the Disc Edition as soon as it went live on the websiteI won’t bore you with a step-by-step description of unboxing, and I’m baffled by the need for hundreds if not thousands of almost identical videos popping up online and ritualizing the process. Its in a box. You unpack it and plug everything in, guys! It runs cool and quiet, and stands neatly in my personal choice of entertainment furniture after relocating some ornaments. Connecting it to my TV and some quick cable management out of the way, I turned everything on. For me, setup was a breeze, as my existing PSN account could carry my preferences over from PS4,

  13. Nathan

    PS5 is finally here,I managed to pre order one here on Cheapneeds when pre orders went live on the morning of the 17th September. Been waiting patiently to see if my delivery would actually be fulfilled ever since, when the money was taken on Wednesday I knew it was actually going to happen.Now here it is, and what th the new console and look forward to whatever the next 6 or 7 years will bring us on this machine.Its early days yet but exciting times are definitely ahead with Sonys new flagship machine.We do also plan to buy the Series X when new stock becomes available so rest assured this review is not biased toward Sony in anyway, I think both machines are going to be amazing and bring everyone great games across so many different genres in the coming years.

  14. J. Wilson

    Sonys newest console has landed with huge fanfare, and quite rightly so.Packedn to USB C charging to HDMI 2.1 for 120hz displays.Seriously impressive stuff Sony, bravo.

  15. Jason

    the best purchase ever I don’t know if God was with me that day it was last in stock and I got it the ps5 loving it thanks to cheapneeds for fast shipping

  16. Michael

    Got it in 3 days here in Australie even though in covid excellent service cheapneeds 

  17. ratik

    amazing purchase got it in 3 days and im just loving it

  18. Roma

    Its too good better than most gaming pc 499 is a deal thanks cheapneeda

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